AU Extra Info


Please note that all classes are subject to changes in time, description, or even cancellation as we determine interest and active sign up.  Thank you!

Location: Building B (Chapel building) Fellowship Hall

Cost: FREE

Clinicians:  Julie Resh & Rhnea Ausmus 

We are asking that the September 2017 Workshop be focused on ages 16 and up.  Continue to check back for future youth opportunities.

Workshop begins at 10:00 a.m.

Workshop ends at 1:00 p.m.  

10:00-10:45: (Rhnea Ausmus)

  • Warm-up; physical and vocalization techniques and games

10:45-11:30: (Julie Resh)

  • Acting Stage Basics (Staging 101, Onstage Courtesy, Backstage Behavior)

11:30-11:45: Break

11:45-12:15: (Rhnea Ausmus)
  • Getting To Know Your Character (Character Study, History, Characterization Analysis)

12:15-12:45: (Julie Resh)
  • Memorization
  • How To Study Your Script


  • Wrap-up & post survey

Please plan on arriving early enough so that you can check-in at our welcome desk.  If you have notified us that you will be attending, there will be a name tag  already waiting on you at the desk.  

Full attendance for entire 3 hour session preferred.  Walk-ins are welcome at this event but sign-up is preferred to ensure proper handouts and supply numbers. You will be provided hand-outs that you can take home with you. 

No break for lunch is planned however one 15-minute rest break is planned.  Please feel free to bring snacks and water as needed.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

For the "Getting To Know Your Character" section: If you have been cast in a role before, we would encourage you review one of those characters so that we might be able to directly explore with you.

Attending our Workshops will assist you greatly with prep for our AU auditions.

Planned activities include: group work, breathing, vocal exercises, facial expressions, body placement, interaction with other actors, spontaneous reaction, adaptation, emotional connection, imagination, creative interaction, articulation, resonance, overcoming anxiety, stage presence, pulling focus, blending into the background, knowing your back story, timing, character building, self-discovery, and exploration.