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Please note that all classes are subject to changes in time, description, or even cancellation as we determine interest and active sign up.  Thank you!

                                      Acting UP is offering another FREE Workshop 

                                                    - DANCE FOR THE THEATRE

Cost: FREE

Location: Building B (Chapel building) Fellowship Hall

Clinicians:  Ashley Cahill & Dwayne Wright

When: 10:00 -1:00 p.m. Saturday, September 22, 2018

What: Everything from beginner to advanced intermediate steps needed in a theater setting.


Age - 8 to 98

Clothing - comfortable, smooth soled shoes preferred (dance or other)

Ability - any; participants will be broken down into groups based on personal needs

This class is designed to teach dance steps at various paces for both beginners and intermediate thespians. The workshop will be tailored based on the participants involved and groups may be divided based on dance abilities so that true beginners can develop skills at a comfortable pace and more advanced dancers can operate at a faster speed.

Steps to possibly be included: box step, pivot, grapevine, step-ball change, hitch kick, heel turn, shuffle, single buffalo, Charleston, scissor kicks, boggie, partner dance position, dos-a-dos, cha-cha, swing, rumba, salsa, waltz

Please plan on arriving 10 minutes prior so that you can check-in at our welcome desk.  If you have notified us that you will be attending, there will be a name tag  already waiting for you at the desk.  Walk-ins are welcome at this event but sign-up is preferred to ensure proper handouts and supply numbers. No break for lunch is planned however one 15-minute rest break is planned.  Please feel free to bring snacks and water as needed.  Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Attending our Workshops will assist you greatly with prep for our AU dance auditions.